Anvil Mission Framework

By |TG| Will


The Anvil Mission Framework and Editor is a system for rapidly generating missions of any size for ArmA 3, working in conjunction with the ArmA 3 official 2D editor. The Framework provides a series of objective types which can be linked together so that completing one objective unlocks another. Enemy occupation levels of objectives are highly configurable and based on a modified version of the Enemy Occupation System b bangabob.

There are a number of sample missions included which showcase the use of Anvil for different mission types - from stealth missions to large scale, 200 objective missions across all of Altis. The number of maps

Check out the latest version and previous cersion change logs from the downloads page.

The Framework

Current features of the framework include:

The Editor

The editor is a Windows desktop application which allows users to rapidly generate the required markers and scripts to create an Anvil Framework based mission. It integrates with the ArmA 3 editor so that the two can mostly be used side by side. The editor has the following functionality:


The roadmap is currently stored on Github. You may also report any problems or suggestions you have with the editor or Framework by creating a new github issue.

A note on version numbers

The first public release of the framework and editor was version 4.3. The first number will always refer to the framework version number, whilst the second number will always refer to the editor version number. This means the first public release was version 4 of the editor and version 3 of the framework.

"Hotfixes" or urgent changes for breaking bugs are released as a third digit. For instance 6.5.2 is editor version 6, framework version 5 and hotfix 2.