Release Notes

Version 6.5 BETA is the current release, which introduced a lot of new maps and some key bug fixes for the framework. Check out the change log for more information.

Version 7.6 as the latest development release. It is available as C# source code on the github repository. Any bugs should be reported either on the BI forums or through Github.

Thanks to...

Thanks to the guys in particular MadSoloSniper, |TG-189th| Unkl and |TG-355th| woesterudolf for testing and feedback and testing of missions developed using Anvil. Also thanks to BI forum user 10T for some of the maps and to LeoLawnDart for exporting others for me. Finally thanks to BI themselves for such permissive licensing arrangements and a very editable game!

Version history


As of version 6.5 a very wide range of maps were added. There is also a "one click" download button to install these maps. Altis and Stratis are bundled with the editor but all other maps should be downloaded directly through the Anvil Editor UI. See the section on "Acquiring Maps" for more information.

Sample Missions


  • 62 player COOP
  • Stratis wide conflict
  • Optional TFR mod support
  • Version 0504a
  • Steam or PBO


  • 12 player COOP
  • Experience an Anvil Mission
  • Bare bones night raid
  • Version 0504d
  • Steam or PBO


  • 28 player Zeus COOP
  • Altis Wide Campaign
  • 150+ objectives
  • Coming soon...


  • 24 player COOP
  • Grand scale armoured warfare
  • Smash the enemy front lines
  • Coming soon...