Version 2.2 Release Notes

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RELEASED: 9th June 2014

This version includes an updated editor and mission framework. There were substantial changes to the editor including placement of new spawn points, ambient EOS zones and selective inclusion of scripts.

Change Log


  • FIXED Fixed missing mission files
  • ADDED Optionally include scripts such as =BTC= Logistic, TAW_VD and TG Scripts
  • ADDED Define available scripts in a JSON configuration file, including required code for init.sqf and description.ext files
  • ADDED Edit mission data by deselecting an objective (right click)
  • ADDED Replace big buttons with a toolbar and menu to give room to grow
  • ADDED Place an initial respawn marker in the editor
  • ADDED Select the enemy and friendly sides in the editor
  • ADDED Place ambient EOS spawn areas on the map and modify properties
  • ADDED Select debug console availability - "disabled" or "admins"


  • FIXED Script error when patrolling to empty patrol destination
  • ADDED Patrols now select a new destination after reaching their waypoint
  • ADDED Create missions with selectable sides from WEST, EAST or INDEPENDENT
  • IMPROVED Moved the mission objectives from framework_init.sqf to mission_description.sqf to make updating easier
  • IMPROVED Parameter to allow disabling of counter-attacks

Known Issues

  • [FW] FW_fnc_doSetObjectiveState gives script error on dedicated servers, call FW_fnc_setObjectiveState instead (must be admin)