Version 4.3 Release Notes

Editor Version
Framework Version
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This version includes a lot of stability updates which were made possible through testing carried out by |TG-189th| Unkl, |TG-355th| woesterudolf and |TG| MadSoloSniper, all wonderful admin people from

There are a number of new editor features and an additional mission type, "DESTROY AA VEHICLE".

Known Issues

  • Framework Do counter attacks have any troops, or are they too lazy?
  • Framework Removing a previously included script could possibly cause issues as it doesn't clean out the old init code
  • Framework Potential issue with spawning AA vehicles lots of times... unable to confirm
  • Edit Very rare issue with an mission being generated. If this happens send me the logs and restore from backup before rebuilding

Change Log


  • FIXED Objectives moved position when opening a mission on a different island from the current one
  • FIXED Available objective IDs were reallocated out of order
  • FIXED The briefing.sqf file is no longer overwritten if it exists
  • FIXED Remove ability to make a mission a prerequisite of itself
  • FIXED Incorrect status message on ambient zone creation
  • FIXED Map refreshes when a different property is selected in the objective property pane
  • FIXED Wrong special and ammo marker names were generated for mission description
  • FIXED Incorrect map coordinates (this time I'm 80% certain I've eliminated 75% of the issues here)
  • FIXED Unwanted movement of objective positions when loading missions (removed rounding error)
  • FIXED Independents now hostile to all other sides
  • FIXED Position of friendly respawn marker wasn't updated from the mission.sqm file
  • ADDED Select "Destroy AA" mission type
  • ADDED Set end mission triggers per objective (None, END1, END2, LOOSE [yes I know])
  • ADDED Set all objectives complete trigger (same options as for objective complete)
  • ADDED Help prompt for first time visitor (directs to Quick Start guide on the Anvil Website)
  • ADDED A "clean and rebuild" option, which deletes everything except mission_data.json and re-exports
  • ADDED Download new framework versions from within the editor (Use the "Check for Updates" menu option)
  • ADDED Apply a manually downloaded framework update
  • ADDED Support for optional game task deletion option
  • ADDED Basic mission sense checking when missions are saved or loaded (a.k.a. "Mission Lint")
  • ADDED Mission Lint Check: excessively occupied objectives
  • ADDED Mission Lint Check: same enemy and friendly side
  • ADDED Mission Lint Check: unoccupied objectives
  • ADDED Proper logging using NLog (see /logs folder) - send these if you find a bug :)
  • ADDED Create new map on double click map name in new mission dialog.
  • ADDED Add "are you sure" dialog when opening, creating new or quitting with unsaved changes
  • IMPROVED Objective "Troop Strength" renamed to "Group Size" for clarity
  • IMPROVED Group Size uses a drop down list so it actually makes sense
  • IMPROVED Show full version number in main window title (helpful for error tracking)
  • IMPROVED Colouring of occupied ambient markers so they are easier to spot
  • IMPROVED "All objectives completed" notification shows after task completed notification
  • IMPROVED Open/Save file dialog now auto-navigates to last opened directory to start with
  • REMOVED Splash screen as the standard .NET version is pretty buggy
  • WON'T FIX SQM Parser doesn't like comments /* */ or // (A3 editor seems to remove these anyway)
  • WON'T FIX SQM Parser doesn't like variable names with underscores


  • FIXED Completed tasks were not deleted for JIPs
  • FIXED AI not being correctly disabled (Thanks to |TG-189th| Unkl)
  • FIXED Assassination target was always an EAST officer regardless of side settings
  • FIXED Ammo/special weapons boxes can no longer spawn in invalid locations and blow up
  • FIXED Script errors in the random patrols management script
  • FIXED Random patrols spawn from the correct enemy faction
  • FIXED Tasks no longer automatically assigned as current (after first task)
  • FIXED Default mission type now Coop instead of Zeus Coop
  • ADDED New "Destroy AA" mission type
  • ADDED Implement "Intel" mission type (previously it would autocomplete as soon as it was active)
  • ADDED Admin function FW_fnc_createAmmobox which places an empty ammobox near the given position and returns a handle to it
  • ADDED New all_objectives_complete variable, true when all objectives have been completed.
  • ADDED Option to leave completed game tasks in or to delete them
  • ADDED New function for adding multiplayer actions - FW_fnc_addActionMP
  • IMPROVED Minor optimisation of objective completion code
  • REMOVED Vehicle cookoff script to save our tactical ear drums
  • REMOVED Vehicle spawn set up scripts
  • WON'T FIX FW_fnc_doSetObjectiveState gives script error on dedicated servers (expected)