Version 5.4 fix 2 Release Notes

Editor Version
Framework Version
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You can also download a version with Altis and Stratis maps bundled (90MB)

This version is the last "Alpha" version and should represent the finalised mission data structure. Version 5.4 introduces a new "Windows 8" look and feel, as well as a lot of new editor features including a dialog for specifying your own included scripts and a briefing editor. It also includes a new approach to bundled scripts, key objective victories, random objective order mode, improved mission validity checks and some other UI improvements.

In addition a new sample mission was released - "Angel Fire" - which is the prologue to the campaign on Altis and demonstrates the "random objective mode" across the entire map of Stratis. Find this mission using the downloads link above or on the Steam collection page.

KEY CHANGE: A key change in this version is that "included script" folders are no longer included with Anvil. When exporting, if Anvil detects that an included script is missing, it will prompt you to open up the download page in a web browser. It will also open the folder where you should extract the included scripts.

Known Issues

  • Framework Removing a previously included script could possibly cause issues as it doesn't clean out the old init code

Change Log

Hotfix 2

  • FIXED Long standing issue with incomplete mission.sqm generation (Thanks to |r| Santa from the BI forums for helping debug)
  • FIXED Error when parsing some mission.sqm formats (caused by missing sections or use of scientific notation)
  • ADDED Line numbers and syntax highlighting to SQM Browser

Hotifx 1

  • FIXED Incorrect reporting of version number in update checker where new framework version has breaking changes
  • FIXED Error on startup with no maps in folder AND first time loaded


  • CHANGED Included scripts no longer bundled - Anvil will prompt to download if they are missing
  • FIXED Property grid was overlapping the status bar
  • FIXED Links could be made between ambient zones and objective markers
  • ADDED "Clear" objective type, an alias for "capture" objectives
  • ADDED "Destroy Ammo" objective type
  • ADDED "Destroy Helo" objective type
  • ADDED "Destroy UAV" objective type
  • ADDED "Helo Crash Intel" objective type
  • ADDED "Move through" objective type for convoy type missions
  • ADDED "Move to" objective type for convoy / RTB objectives
  • ADDED Randomise placement option, which if "true" places a destroy or intel objective randomly within the objective radius.
  • ADDED "Random objective order" mode which gives objectives in a different order each play through (see Angel Fire sample mission)
  • ADDED Dialog for adding new included scripts
  • ADDED Parameter on missions to manage your own briefing.sqf file
  • ADDED Dialog to edit briefing.sqf files
  • ADDED Check for valid ArmA 3 folder names on save
  • ADDED TacticalGamer's TaskForceRadio autodetect script
  • ADDED Set mission author
  • ADDED Add some default loadouts with a single click as an "included script"
  • ADDED Ability to ignore "over-occupation" LINT check on an objective
  • ADDED Lint Check for unoccupied ambient zones
  • ADDED Key objective captured victory trigger and ability to mark an unlimited number of objectives as "key"
  • ADDED Windows 8 look and feel
  • ADDED A whole new bunch of icons for objectives
  • IMPROVED Increased maximum zoom in level by 50%
  • IMPROVED Included scripts can be init line only (i.e. no bundled files)
  • IMPROVED Included scripts now sorted by name


  • FIXED Intel mission was not JIP compatible
  • FIXED Two AA vehicles spawn for destroy AA objective type
  • ADDED Support for randomising objective placement within the given readius (destroy and intel type missions)
  • ADDED A script to create and populate an ammobox, AFW_fnc_populateAmmobox.
  • ADDED Support for a number of new objective types (Destroy Heli, Destroy UAV, Destroy Ammo, Move to, Move through, Crashed Heli Intel)
  • ADDED Optional random objective order on mission load
  • ADDED A set of cfgRespawnInventory loadouts which can be included with one click (WEST ONLY)
  • ADDED Ability to set "and" and "or" prerequisities in mission description - undocumented and not supported by the editor
  • IMPROVED Changed the way infantry is spawned - now the strength number is allocated randomly between "buildings" and "patrols"
  • IMPROVED Complete refactor of Anvil codebase, new folders and function prefix changed from FW to AFW
  • IMPROVED The AFW_fnc_createAmmobox function now sets the global variable AFW_last_user_ammobox to the created ammobox
  • IMPROVED Optionally specify the type of ammobox created by AFW_fnc_createAmmobox
  • IMPROVED Intel briefcase now spawns in a randomly selected nearby building, if one is available (otherwise spawns on the marker)