Using the Editor

This document is valid for editor version 4

Video Introduction

Shortcut Keys

The following shortcut keys are valid within the application:

Key Action
ALT+F4 Exit the application without saving changes
CTRL+E Export a new mission folder, overwriting existing data
CTRL+F Find an objective by ID
CTRL+N Start a new mission
CTRL+O Open a saved mission
CTRL+S Save the mission
CTRL+X Delete the selected objective

Acquiring Maps

As of version 6.5, Anvil Editor provides a "one-click download" function for maps which in most cases should be used instead of the links below. To use this, start a new map (CTRL+N), select the desired map and then click the Download button. The map will be downloaded and added to your data/maps folder.

Alternatively you can download them from the links below and manually copy the map files into the data/maps folder of your Anvil installation.

Maps are made using the (topography cheat)[]. Where map downloads are not provided (normally due to lack of permission from the map maker) you can use the topography cheat to export an EPF, then use Irfan viewer or MS Paint to convert to PNG. Make sure the PNG file name matches the file name given in the Anvil Editor "new map" screen. This PNG file should be placed in the data/maps folder. Files should be under 10k x 10k pixels and less than 60MB.

The following maps are supported:

Map Notes Download URL
Aliabad See "topography" notes above None
Altis Very low resolution due to HUGE file size. Will look at increasing resolution later DOWNLOAD (60MB)
Altis Enhanced High resolution map based on the Supporters Edition PDF. Not available for download
Bornholm DOWNLOAD (25MB)
Bukovina DOWNLOAD (1MB)
Bystrica DOWNLOAD (5MB)
Caribou Frontier DOWNLOAD (2MB)
Chernarus DOWNLOAD (27MB)
Hazar Kot See "topography" notes above None
Rahmadi DOWNLOAD (350kB)
Sahrani A3 edition DOWNLOAD (25MB)
Shapur DOWNLOAD (700kB)
Stratis   DOWNLOAD (25MB)
Takistan DOWNLOAD (37MB)
Takistan Mountains DOWNLOAD (3MB)
Zargabad Not extensively tested DOWNLOAD (28MB)

Installing Maps

To install a map go to the "New Mission" screen, either by pressing CTRL+N or navigating to FILE >> NEW. Click on the map you want to download and then look for the download button down the bottom right. The map should be automatically saved to your data/maps directory. If there are any issues use the links above to manually download the file or report your issues on the BI forums.