What Is Anvil Editor?

Anvil Editor is an editor built to work alongside and enhance the official ArmA 3 2D editor. It streamlines the creation of multi-objective, linked multi player missions by integrating with the bundled Anvil Framework. The Framework allows you to:

Anvil is currently designed to integrate with (not replace) the ArmA 3 official editor which should be used for placing units, triggers and for filling out some of the more specific details of your mission. The overriding goal of the Anvil Editor is to dramatically reduce the amount of time and frustration required to build a fully functional, interesting mission you can play with your friends.

How It Works

Anvil Editor (or just Anvil from now on) is a standalone application which displays a low resolution version of the map you are creating missions for. It then maintains its own data containing objectives, levels of enemy occupation, rewards and so on. This is saved in a single file in JSON format which is saved in your mission folder. Wen you are ready to play you can export a complete mission that can be opened in the editor.

Anvil supports integration with the official editor, meaning you can move objectives slightly, add playable units, additional triggers and modules and Anvil will play nicely with these changes. Some changes such as the movement of objective or respawn markers can be pulled back into Anvil from the SQM.

Getting Started

The following video provides a pretty quick introduction into mission making using Anvil:


To install maps please check out the downloads page.